Keller Williams Realty

Behind on your mortgage? Need to move but your property isn't worth what you paid for it? We can help. 

If you want or need to sell your home, and you owe more on the property than it is worth, then we are here for you. Please fill out the contact form below, and one of our agents will call you to start you on this process: And remember: 

  • Do hire a professional negotiator to handle the short sale. 
  • Do hire an agent with a track record of getting homes sold. 
  • Don't hire an agent without short sale experience. 
  • Don't pay an attorney an upfront fee. 


Typical Short Sale Requirements (to be collected from the homeowner)

  • Hardship letter – which states what happened to cause you to fall behind, when it happened, and what you’re doing to fix the situation
  • Financial worksheet – a breakdown of all your income and expenses
  • Your last month of pay stubs or a recent profit and loss statement if self-employed.  If you can’t provide either of those then you’ll need a signed and dated explanation of why.
  • Your last two months of bank statements
  • Your last two years of tax returns with all pages and w-2s
  • Purchase and Sales Agreement and a listing agreement

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