Finding the Perfect End Norwalk Unit Townhouse

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End unit apartments and townhouses in Norwalk, CT are a coveted resource. When looking for a townhouse, online or in person, it can be a battle between what you want and your ability to find it. So finding that perfect townhouse is really about finding the right agent who can be your resource, guide, and advocate.

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Key Points

- End units apartments and townhouses are still a coveted resource

- 42% of buyers start looking on the internet. The Internet is a great resource and is limited. Work with someone who knows how to narrow down the search.

- Online natural word search only works when the information is input correctly by agents.

 - Agents are still the best resource, for now.

- Your agent should not only search the MLS. They should reach out to sellers not yet on the market to find you what you’re looking for.

- Buyer agency agreements can be a great tool or a constraining trap. Only hire an agent who is going to go above and beyond.

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Finding the Perfect End Norwalk Unit Townhouse

Let’s be real for a moment, finding the perfect townhouse is like finding a mate. Some people stumble into the perfect one the first time out, others seem to go on date after date after date after date after date and can’t seem to find the right one. When looking for a townhouse, you have the right to be picky. Why? Well for one, you choose to live in a shared community where your neighbors are close. 

So having one less shared wall is a HUGE plus.

The internet is a great place to start your search. In fact, 42% of all buyers start the process by looking for properties online. When they are ready, they reach out to an agent.

Why are agents still needed? Perhaps this is self-promoting, but the best agents are still a great resource. They know the area. They know the quirks of the technology out there and they know what the consumer can expect using the different technologies. 

Quirks? Well, for example, feeds that hit Zillow and Trulia often have sold or pending homes still as active listings. This creates a huge frustration, both for the buyers who think they have options they don’t and for the agents, who are made to seem like they don’t about inventory (inventory that as we said isn’t actually inventory).

On top of that, when you search the big portals for a townhouse, you might get a list of all sorts of condos. So then you go through and narrow it down to the ones you like. Simply enough, right? Until you sign up for a listing alert and get bombarded with every condo you already discounted because it wasn’t a townhouse.


The right agent, beyond being able to help you narrow this list down, also has the resources to connect with sellers who might not have raised their hand to say they were selling.

 So when hiring an agent (and you should hire an agent to help you find a home; after all, it's free to you as a buyer), make sure they will do everything to find you the right townhouse. That’s how you win in this market.


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